7: Transition 2

7: Transition 2
“Oh what materialistic nonsensical Americans we must have looked like when the moving van
finally arrived with the contents of our container…all of our worldly possessions.

Some confusion over which ship our goods were on lead to our being distraught over
the sinking of another ship…the Polynesian Link.

Its contents, shipping containers filled with concrete and some food which floated away
for the villagers to collect in their small fishing punts.

Meanwhile, a slow and miserable customs clerk cannot be rushed.
We looked dutifully woeful and applied light pressure from a mutual ‘friend’
who spoke on our behalf.

Finally, we signed a paper guaranteeing that all of these items were indeed ours,
our heads still shaking over the scene when the container was opened and the contents
of a toy box spilled onto the warehouse floor…”

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