Oh, how quickly summer passes


In between my work commitments, I managed to squeeze in life. Creative people often have to “work” harder to squeeze in that time to reflect, experience, explore, love, and grow in ways that don’t happen without some intentional nurturing. Heck, everyone needs to do this, regardless of whether you’re a “creative” person or not.

So here is my brief reflection of a whirlwind “summer” – that period between the end of the Winter semester, around early May, through the start of the Fall semester, into September. I resisted giving up on Summer. But then, well, Mother Nature has a way of forcing the issue as temperatures have swung from the upper 80’s down through the 50’s and even mid 40’s.

Out come the sweaters, a blanket, and I curl up on the back porch with a book, still clinging to summer in those brief pauses before dinner is ready.

Although I know the temps will swing back up to unseasonal warmth as a last gasp before winter, I have staunchly held on to these last days of the season. Out come the sweaters, a blanket, and I curl up on the back porch with a book, still clinging to summer in those brief pauses before dinner is ready.


Passages: I saw them everywhere. At Fort Ticonderoga in a passageway from outside to inside, the Ticonderoga Ferry, carrying us across a small spit of water that splits the historic lakes between Vermont and New York. In the seemingly endless days of painting and cleaning my old house as we prepped it for sale, finishing those many unfinished projects that were left behind as a legacy from a previous life. To sell one’s home of two decades, one must finish the unfinished business of the last life before moving fully onto the tasks of the next life.

Connections: Friendships and spiritual connections were renewed and fostered. Memories from the past became clear, as did the literal threads that tied me, my friends, my past, my future, all of which became vividly real. Across generations, across ties of friendship and family, spiritual and worldly.

Seeing Anew: New ground is laid as roots are planted into new spaces. Rediscovering life from the perspective of a child. Creating new traditions while connecting to the old ones.

As storms brew outside my window and sunsets never cease to amaze, each is to be seen through fresh eyes at every opportunity. That is the commitment I have given to myself.

Let’s see how long that lasts!


Mara Jevera Fulmer

Mara Jevera Fulmer

I am an educator, artist, scholar, and life-long learner with an insatiable curiosity. For those interested in the alphabet soup, I have a Ed.D., MFA, MA, and BA. My highest degree is in Education and Community College Leadership and my dissertation was on the role of the creative arts in student success for non-arts majors. My previous studies were in the arts from Photography/Journalism (BA) and then Advertising Design (MA), and Studio Art/Design (MFA), the last two with a strong cross-cultural focus. Visit lookinglassdesign.org for insights into my creative work.

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