Cellphone Ramblings

This series began from my first Nokia cellphone capable of taking a photo, beginning with the Train Graffiti image and going on to creating selfies even before the camera allowed you to see yourself. The last three images (Dad’s Birthday Hat, bare hands and Robo Mara) were taken with an early iPhone. The text relates to the image and is akin to capturing the thoughts running through my head as I look at the subject during the process of taking the photo. The ramblings are far longer than what one usually writes in text messages these days and are more reflective in nature. In the earlier images, I found myself both frustrated and enamored with the limited quality of the image, but developing a fondness similar to the Holga camera’s dedicated followers who embrace the “flaws” and quirky characteristics. But as the camera’s qualities improved, I found myself forcing the flaws into the image as a means of reinforcing the human hand in its creation. The series will continue as inspiration allows.