Images, Transitions & Passages

These images were developed for a solo exhibition at the Mott College Fine Arts Gallery in 2000. The images were developed as a narrative that had, in part, become very familiar to me as I found myself answering questions from curious colleagues and students about why one would move from upstate New York to the Fiji Islands to Flint, Michigan. The project allowed me to use the digital medium to highlight both a visual and written narrative that explores the stages of transition and the passages one experiences making such dramatic shifts in their culture and environment.

The images were exhibited as if they were pages in a book and thus take on the form of different “chapters.”

Chapter 1: The Job Hunt


Chapter 2: The Move


Chapter 3: Undersea Wilderness


Chapter 4: Immersion


Chapter 5: TamTamedia


Chapter 6: From Fiji to Flint


Chapter 7: Christmas in Flint 1998


Chapter 8: A Cultural Gavotte

26: A Cultural Gavotte
26: A Cultural Gavotte i dance my Fijian meke & gavotte…