Se(a) Crossings: Time Poem II video

This video was projected into a sandblasted bowl suspended from the ceiling with monofilament. It was meant to portray the oracle voice addressing the intersectional realities of the worlds being crossed.

The text of the Time Poem II is below.


Time Poem II


Stands still while I hold my breath in my lungs,
my heart in my arms,
standing still as my toes reach deep within the tiny crystals of sand,
feeding through the too-small path of a cosmological hour glass.

My thoughts reduce to a slow-motion pace,
as if by standing upon these sands,
I can prevent their passage through time, slow the world down,
create a moment’s peace that extends to eternity
in the midst of the pressures of chaos.

Time doesn’t move here…

It flows, permeates, expands and contracts,
like the breathing of a great slumbering giant,
the whispered mumblings of a dream-filled sleep
match the rhythm of the waves that pound the reef…
beyond my reach…

a danger that rims the peaceful world of water gently rippling at my feet,
trickling in and out around my toes…

don’t… go… don’t… go.. don’t…go… don’t…go…

But all the while the danger lures and time must quicken to meet it…

My feet lift off the sands and fail to connect, no earth beneath,
as I challenge the gods of gravity and air to a dual through which
my dance must quickly move,
… the tempo jumps to a frenetic pace.

My heart feels strain from the physical trauma,
being torn from the slow pace of time, to the extreme of opposites.

And which do I prefer?

While the candle burns brightly and fast
on the far side of my voyage,
a longing to reach back,
to feel the sands beneath my feet,
to let the crystals run through my fingers…
knowing all the while that,

…though the sands of time cannot be grasped and held tightly,
there is a place on earth where the pace of life
matches a quiet beating of my heart
and a longing in my soul.

~ Mara Jevera Fulmer, July 7, 2004, Grand Blanc, Michigan
(upon returning from Fiji)