Preparing for Dona

February 2006 • Digital Giclee´ Print • 28”h x 112”w

“[They] kept me from falling into the insanity of “Shelterization” which is a lonely pit of helplessness and hopelessness. I set goals for myself as a writer and poet…[I] was inducted into the International Society of Poets as a distinguished member… I have completed a screen play, have several outlines/treatments for future projects… My goal is to be a famous writer.”

~ Dona


Rather than dwell on the pain of her past, she celebrates her liberation from it, writing her stories and poetry,
bringing these experiences to a new level of appreciation… Throughout the narrative portrait, however, there are almost no indoor scenes. Dona’s world is not restrained by walls. She tears them down to create a wider range of vision…That is Dona’s life now, a renewal of her artistry, her fortitude, and her spirit. ~ Mara Jevera Fulmer

Dona - Narrative Portrait

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