Elaine ~ Place, Identity and an Unquiet Life

October 2005 • Digital Giclee´ Print • 28”h x 112”w

“…In 1998, I lost my husband to a hit-and-run driver…I became homeless because I was unable to pay the $100 monthly rent increase for the house that we lived in. Now for the past two years, I have been in my own apartment and I am determined to never be homeless again…” ~ Elaine


Elaine’s stories were often peppered with “I can’t talk about that, it’s too painful” or “I can’t remember because it’s too painful.” What was apparent, however, was a strength of spirit. …there emerged a strong relationship between place and identity, and a visual modularization of her world, from the treasured gift bags, to the oddly arranged mirrored tiles on the wall opposite the windows. ~ Mara Jevera Fulmer

Elaine - Narrative Portrait

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