a.k.a. Joyce, Crack & Rebuilding a Life

January 2006 • Digital Giclee´ Print • 28”h x 112”w

“…The desperation of being homeless escalated into other self-defeating behaviors. Just imagine being stranded on a deserted island with no way out, or surviving an airplane crash only to find yourself alone and lost. Even these scenarios are less frightening than being homeless. I felt nameless, faceless, a liability to society, and cast aside to be forgotten….”

~ a.k.a. Joyce


Joyce told her story with an utter frankness I could not replicate any other way except by direct quotation. I set about to type out the transcript of the entire interview… [It would] become …the proverbial “writing on the wall.” ~ Mara Jevera Fulmer

"aka Joyce" Narrative Portrait

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