A Journey on a Winding Road begins with ‘Why?’

This multi-faceted accordion book with pop-ups, sewn-in sections, and artifacts captures the dual life journeys on my road to completing my doctorate and finding love again. The book shows parallel journeys – one side personal, the other professional – which remain fairly discreet until my husband Keith’s illness and ultimately his death. The book captures the perseverance that was required to fulfill a deathbed promise to complete my doctoral studies and, in the process, rebuilding a life.

Materials: Mahogany front cover, plexiglass back, mylar circuit board, misc. handmade and commercial papers, mica, leather ties, antique carved beads and brass drawer pull.
Size: approx. 3″w x 4″h x 5″d closed. Expands to approximately 48″ long.
© 2014 Mara Jevera Fulmer