From A to Z with love

A Children’s Story

This story was written in response to the death of a feral kitten that my youngest daughter attempted to adopt. After a brief period of harmony in the house, the kitten decided to curl up with the large female Borzoi who ruled the household and Sweet Pea was not in the mood and snapped in annoyance. Although we don’t believe she intended to, Sweet Pea clipped the kitty with a tooth at the end of her very long nose (sometimes looking straight down that long nose seemed to lead to inaccuracies in her depth perception). Needless to say, the end was not pretty. To try and soothe my daughter, I wrote a story to highlight the more harmonious period of the formerly feral kitty’s brief life in our home. I challenged myself to design it almost entirely typographically. As I was in the middle of completing my MFA, I never got around to finishing all of the pages. Maybe someday.

2004 © Mara Jevera Fulmer

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