Wise Women Thaumatropes

Wise Women Thaumatropes, a playful look at four generations of five women in one family across and between time. Using my own family’s images, the work was created in response to those inimitable comments made saying how much each of us resembled the other at different stages of our lives. The images include those of myself, my two daughters, my mother, and my maternal grandmother.

Thirty-six images are paired up on either side of the 18 main “signatures” which are strung with twine to be wound up in order to spin backwards, blending the two images together. A guidebook is provided along with an “instruction” disk with credits.

Size: Individual disks approx. 5″ round; wood box approx. 6″ in diameter x 5″ h.
Materials: Mat board, card stock paper, string, paper, with found images from family albums. Hand-made mahogany wood box by Keith Fulmer.
2010 © Mara Jevera Fulmer.

This “book” plays upon the concept of the thaumatrope, which creates a basic animation utilizing persistence of vision to combine the images on either side of the disk.