Wood Poems

Wood Poem II/III

Book, prints, dvd (of video below)

Wood Poem II

Text from book (above) and video (below) • 2002-2003

Spiraling down from heights on nigh,
to find its roots
beneath the sky…

the form begins to plan escape,
spiraling lace reveals its shape…

a hidden goddess
breathes a sigh…

so deep is she, that only he…
can coax her from her hiding place.

2002 © Mara Jevera Fulmer

Wood Poem II ~ Video

A love poem to my (late) husband, featuring daughter Anastassia playing piano.

Wood Poem IV ~ Accordion Book

Artist’s accordion-style book: handmade papers, davey board, bark cloth and paper, book cloth, digital giclee prints. Approx. 8″x8″x24″. 2003 © Mara Jevera Fulmer.

Text from both sides of the accordion book

Side One in English:

“I turn a different corner
and my view changes…”

Side Two in Fijian:

“Au wavoki ena dua
na tutu ka veisau
na veika au raica.”

Wood Poem I

Original Light Box Construction

Below: Gallery View – Left Bank Gallery, Flint, Michigan, June 2003. Two-person show “Fulmer X 2” with husband Keith Fulmer.