Fiji (National) Museum – Corporate ID

Corporate Identity

My collaboration with the Fiji (National) Museum began in 1994 when I started graduate work through a long distance with Syracuse University. My advisors encouraged me to take on work locally (i.e. in Fiji) and I summoned up the nerve to contact the then director of the museum, Kate Vusoniwailala. I originally began proposing some kind of advertising campaign, and the conversation shifted around to the challenges of the museum and hopes for growth. In the end, I developed a an entire corporate design plan which included designs for symbols and signage for as many as six different galleries, three publications, and other promotional needs. The project was launched in October 1995 at an official ball held in the capital of Suva at the historic Borron House with the Prime Minister as host.

Read a version of the Fiji Museum Design Plan previously published online here: FijiMuseumDesignPlan-article.

View promotional and publication materials created for the Fiji Museum here.