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Ferris State University

Doctoral Dissertation (2014) – An Examination of the Role of the Creative Arts in Student Success in Non-Arts Fields

Dissertation Defense, October 24, 2014, Presentation

Ferris State University Capstone Presentation (March 2014) – Presentation on artifact for the Comprehensive Interviews and Presentations (CIPs), considered the integrative capstone experience for DCCL students.

The Quest for Transformation, a tongue-in-cheek video celebration of the final stages of completion towards my doctorate.

Presentation at League for Innovations 2012 conference in Philadelphia, PA, co-presenter

Moving from At-Risk to At-Promise, At Issue publication, March 2012, co-editor/co-author

Developing Purpose – Chickering & Reisser’s Vector #6, Spring 2012, co-author


Fulbright, Cultural Journalism, May 2012 – Ekaterinburg, Russia

Public Presentation on Cultural Journalism, American Embassy Library, Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art (EACA)
Lectures for short course in Cultural Journalism

EACA Lecture – Day 1 – An intro to Cultural Journalism, Craft in America assignment.

EACA Lecture – Day 2 – Introducing Creative Blog project and Victory Day article assignment.

EACA Lecture – Day 3 – Introducing Ethics, Art and Media Responsibility; Art, Ethics, & Journalism short article assignment.

EACA Lecture – Day 4 – Introducing Assignment #5 (Final) – Finding Your Voice, choosing their media.


Miscellaneous Writings/videos

Se(a) Crossings: Time in the Midst of Chaos, InterCulture,  a Multi-channel video/audio and mixed media installation, InterCulture, Volume 3, Spring 2006. 

Foreign No More: A Community College Group’s Voyage of Discovery of Citizenship in a Global Village

Foreign No More video – This video was the subject of the paper above.

A Virtual Artistic & Cultural Exchange

Graphics in Paradise

Patterns of the Ancients: Fijian Tapa cloth A traditional art form meets 20th century economics

Visual Language: A 19th Century Comet in Fiji

An Expat’s Journal ~ Stories from the edge…

Fiji Museum Design Plan


Michigan State University: Se(a) Crossings (MFA Thesis)

Shared here are four videos included in this multi-media installation. They were edited to run simultaneously with different segments becoming more prominent at different times throughout the 7 min. and 11 sec. that they ran. 

Se(a) Crossings Water Sequence – Not used in the original installation, but included in the Mott Art Gallery version. This video was “splashed” upon a side wall to create an ambiance.

Se(a) Crossings Time Poem II – projected into a 36″ frosted “bowl” suspended from the wireframe ceiling, acting as the “oracle” reciting Time Poem II. (Time Poem I was printed on the floor.)

Se(a) Crossings Flint-side Sequence – projected on the verso of an large translucent image suspended from the wireframe ceiling.

Se(a) Crossings Fiji-side Sequence – projected on the verso of an large translucent image suspended from the wireframe ceiling.

Installation of Se(a) Crossings: Time in the Midst of Chaos, MFA Exhibition, Kresge Art Museum, MSU, East Lansing, 2005.

MFA Thesis (2005) – Se(a) Crossings: Time in the midst of the pressures of chaos


Publicity, reviews, or citations

Dr. Mara Jevera Fulmer, ED.D., MFA, MA From New York to Fiji to Flint, My City Magazine, June 1, 2018

Mott Community College professor Mara Jevera Fulmer heading to Russia as a Fulbright Program specialist, Flint Journal

Mott Community College exhibit tells sagas of child survivors from former Soviet Union living in Genesee County, MLive.com, July 1, 2011.

Mott exhibit features Flint-area Holocaust survivors, Grand Blanc View, June 30, 2011.

Buckham Gallery’s September exhibition to explore ‘Intimate Knowledge’ of married couples, MLive.com, August 21, 2010

Mott art students’ journeys to Fiji chronicled in multimedia exhibit, Feb. 9, 2006, Flint Journal

Exhibit tells gutwrenching stories of homeless women, July 7, 2006, Flint Journal

Artistry, compassion inspire escape from homelessness, Life @ Wayne, Vol. 3 Issue 28, July 13, 2006. (Article fails to mention the name of the artist, yours truly.)

Rescue from the edge: 8 Detroit women, once homeless, tell others how they got back on track, August 7, 2006, Detroit Free Press

Portraits of Homelessness, WSU Alumni Magazine, Fall 2006

Book art exhibit to open at Bright Hill Center, Sept. 29, 2005, The Daily Star (upstate NY)

Six grandes dames mount the best M.F.A. show in recent memory, March 30, 2005, City Pulse

Cyberspace Democracy: Freedom of Speech Dilemmas in Pacific Journalism Education, by David Robie, Fijian Studies, Vol. 1/No. 1, September 2002

Frontline Reporters: A Students’ Internet Coup, by David Robie, Pacific Journalism Review, 7(1)47-56, 2001

Media: News of Fiji, By Way of Flint, July 14, 2000, Chronicle of Higher Education

Taking a Coup in Your Stride, by Christine Gounder, Pacific Journalism Online, August 2000.

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