An Expat’s Journal: Stories from the edge…

From time to time events in the USA or around the world give us each pause to think. By virtue of our having lived outside of our home countries, many of us have gained an insight or different perspective than we would have had if we had not otherwise stepped beyond our home shores. In this section, called “An Expat’s Journal”, I’d like to offer articles, journal entries, and other tidbits to share with the rest of you who, by virtue of visiting this website have expressed an interest in not only design, but life in our shrinking global community. Though some of the journal entries might seem disturbing, they reflect the emotions of a particular moment. I hope you’ll agree that we all must eventually come to an understanding that life and thoughts are fluid, and subject to the influence of events around us.

UnHappy Fiji ~ Poem commentary on the current state of affairs in Fiji by Patrick Craddock, Dec. 12, 2009.

Zambezi River Flood ~ March 7, 2001 (MP3 and Real Audio versions)
Audio interview by Patrick Craddock

The Zambezi ~ March 2001. A Poem by Patrick Craddock.

Kenya. Bomb. August 18, 1998
by Patrick Craddock

Community: Nairobi pulls together. August 24, 1998
by Patrick Craddock

Careers: An Expatriate Jobhunting Experience. September 23, 1998
by Mara Jevera Fulmer

Fiji Coup 2000 Coverage ~ International News Coverage, Commentaries, Email accounts of life during the Fiji Coup, beginning May 19th, 2000 through September 2000. (Special Archived Collection)

Wansolwara, Vol. 5, No. 2, Coverage of the Fiji Coup (May 2000) by students in the University of the South Pacific Journalism Programme. (Special Editions)