The Zambezi

Subject: a small poem -something different
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 12:20:42 +0200
Hello – a something different, a small poem. Inspired by a visit to the Zambezi River, which took people’s homes by night and left them with nothing. A crocodile attacked the distraught people as they made their way to safety. A child was lost, some old people drowned and animals were left to make their own way. All the animals were drowned.
Pat Craddock

March 2001…. The Zambezi

By night the flood
Ivory in allegiance
Watching her moon mother
Heard her misty voice
With smiling lips sing
Beetle bells, I come, I run

Did village lovers hear the cry?
A bird in the water
Large leaves aloose
As priestly crocodile knifed
Swiftly sweetness flesh

It could have been a fire that destroyed the people
Beetle bells the water sang
Only the houses knew and dropped their walls in deep submission
Hearing the dark river
Demanding an appalling hymn.
O, Mozambique, O, Mozambique

© 2001 Patrick Craddock