Iona’s Ragtime Flaming Two-step

November 2005 • Digital Giclee´ Print • 28”h x 112”w

“At 58 I became homeless when my home caught on fire. I didn’t have insurance and a broken ankle prevented me from working. Loosing everything that I had, in 2002, I was placed at a shelter that treated me as if I had committed a crime for which I needed to serve time. At first I felt hopeless, but I kept hearing my grandmother’s words, ‘Never give up.’” ~ Iona


Though she has faced her share of difficulties, Iona seems to have a clearer view of her future, or at least one that does not seem to dwell too long on pain or fear from her past. … She seemed to know that, while sometimes tragic, life’s ironies were boundless, and her good humor and wit would help see her through the darkness towards a brighter future. ~ Mara Jevera Fulmer

Iona - Narrative Portrait

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